Railway Systems Metro Systems Traffic Systems
Industrial Facilities Energy Production, Distribution and Transmission Systems

Railway Systems

Sistronic Sistem Inc. provides services on High-Speed Rail systems, warehouses, harbors, conventional and suburban railway lines, ensuring the safe movement of trains in accordance with national and international standards. We perform commission works that encompass project design and management, material supply, installation, and testing. Subsystems within our service areas include;

- Centralized Traffic Control,
- Interlocking Systems,
- Control Panels,
- Rail Circuits,
- Scissor Motors,
- Signals,
- Automatic Train Control Systems,
- Train Slowdown Systems (aka Positive Train Control Systems),
- Level Crossing Systems,
- Energization, Catenary Systems,
- SCADA Systems,
- Communication Systems,
- GSM-R Systems,
- Grounding Systems,
- Fire Protection Systems,
- Announcement Broadcasting Systems.

Metro Systems

Sistronic Sistem Inc presents its services with high-quality system integration on metro lines and subway signaling systems. Such systems enable both manned and unmanned vehicles to move safely and consistently. Subsystems within our service areas include;

- ATC, Automatic Train Control,
- ATS, Automatic Train Stop,
- ATP, Automatic Train Protection,
- OCC, Operational Control Center,
- STC, Station Traffic Control,
- VOBC, Vehicle On-Board Control,
- Interlocking Hardware and Software,
- Rail Circuit,
- Signals,
- Scissor Engine,
- Loop Detectors,
- Emergency Stop Systems,
- CCTV Systems,
- Passenger Information Systems,
- Passenger Pass Systems,
- Fire Detection Systems,
- Fire Fighting Systems,
- Time Systems,
- Announcement Broadcasting Systems,
- Medium Voltage Supply Systems,
- Low Voltage Distribution Systems,
- Lighting Systems,
- Grounding Systems.

Traffic Systems

Sistronic Sistem Inc. works on and optimizes design, installation, and maintenance of projects on motorways, highways, urban roads, Traffic Signaling Systems, Traffic Monitoring and Management Systems, and Tunnel Electromechanical Systems. Subsystems within our service areas include;

- Traffic Density Measurement and Traffic Routing,
- Weather and Road Conditions Measurement,
- Driver Information,
- Automatic Ice Prevention,
- Automatic Fog Warning,
- Current and Average Movement Speed Detection,
- Real-time Vehicle Weight Measurement and Classification.

Industrial Facilities

Sistronik Sistem Inc. excels at design, engineering and installation procedures of energy production and distribution services, including Electromechanical Systems for Conversion Power Plants, Oil and Gas Production Stations, Refineries, Iron and Steel Power Plants, Cement Power Plants, Water Treatment Stations, Petrochemical and Chemical Power Plants, Pipelines and Transmission Lines. Our performance satisfies both national and international standards of quality. Subsystems within our service areas include;

- Electrical Supplies and Equipment,
- Transformers, Generators, MV systems,
- Fire Protection Systems,
- CCTV and Audio Systems,
- Access Control Systems (ID Card Systems),
- Electrical Power Control Panels,
- MCC-DCC Panels,
- Process Control Systems,
- Industry 4.0 Solutions,
- Automation Software.

Energy Production, Distribution and Transmission Systems

Sistronic Sistem Inc. provides project engineering, design, management and implementation solutions in accordance with national and international standards for high-voltage projects up to 0,4kV-500kV, Switchgear Centers, Power Transmission Lines, Distribution Centers, and many more. Subsystems within our service areas include;

- Hydroelectric Power Plants,
- Solar Power Plants,
- Wind Power Plants,
- Geothermal Power Plants,
- Nuclear Power Plants,
- Thermal Power Plants,
- Energy Transmission and Distribution Lines.

We deliver turnkey projects on energy production and transmission, carefully taking into account customers’ demands. Our work includes the following:

- Project Planning, Design, and Engineering,
- Material Supply,
- Construction Works,
- Assembly and Installation Works,
- Testing-Commissioning Works,
- Documentation and Admission.