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Sistronik Sistem A.Ş. provides services in turnkey projects at home and abroad with its expert staff in engineering, design, project, system provision and application solutions in projects requiring cutting-edge technology.

Sistronik System offers its services in the fields of traffic monitoring and management systems, particularly intelligent traffic systems, in High-Speed Train, Subway construction works, Signalization, Telecommunication and Electrification services and Motorway traffic systems as well as in-tunnel electromechanical systems with quality system integration.

Sistronik carries out and executes turnkey projects in high voltage systems within the range of 10/34,5kV to 500kV in Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution. The corporation commissions turnkey systems including Electrification-Instrumentation and Automation projects in Industrial Systems. The Corporation further performs these entire services successfully with the right organization and system integration both at home and abroad with its staff having profound knowledge of both Euro-American Standards and Russian standards.

Our most important source of motivation while realizing our projects is to contribute to the sustainable growth of the economies of the country with environmental policies. In addition to these areas, the Sistronik Sistem has the ability to develop projects by advancing with staff and partners attaching importance to production and R&D in the entire infrastructure and superstructure engineering projects.

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